Nozzle cooling and heating

TEHADO Engineering designs nozzle cooling systems. By using our products you can extend the life of your equipment. With over 25 years of experience in the field of temperature control we are able to supply you with complete units that are ready for use.


  • Complete units including heat exchanger
  • Swift, simple installation
  • Easy to maintain thanks to logical configuration
  • Supplied complete with drip tray
  • 24/7 delivery of spare parts

Lubricating oil

The lubricating oil units supplied by TEHADO Engineering help prevent wear and promote high efficiency. Our modules can be fitted wherever mechanical parts call for good lubrication and little friction.


  • Continuous monitoring of lubricating oil
  • Easy to maintain, thanks to self-cleaning filters
  • Can be used to heat as well as cool lubricating oil

Tank gauging systems

Electric continuous flow heaters


  • Flange mounting for tank heating
  • In-line continuous flow heaters
  • User-friendly thanks to digital control
  • Integrated electronic help function
  • Design of complete modules
  • Explosion-free heaters
  • Clear and well-documented manuals
  • Complete trial run prior to delivery
  • Complete installation and commissioning